The NCE (Netherlands Association of Cinema Editors) was established as a society for film editors, to meet and inspire each other. Its aim is to connect, educate and represent film editing professionals, both on a national and international level.
The NCE is not a union. Its primary focus lies on the art and craft of cinematic film editing in the broadest sense. It strives for professionalism and artistic growth, for instance by organizing lectures and seminars about the film editing profession.
Creative collaboration with other film professionals and organizations is a key element, both in the Netherlands as well as on an international level. To achieve this, the NCE will invite film editors from across the globe for masterclasses or workshops, and organize film editor meetings at film festivals.
Modeled after organizations like American Cinema Editors (ACE), the NCE is an honorary society. Membership should be seen as a token of confidence, expressed by experienced fellow professionals.



The NCE springs from the initiative, a successful series of events held between 2005 and 2009, where film editing professionals would meet and discuss their (recent) work in front of a – preferably participating – audience of colleagues and film students.
NCE® is a registered trade mark.

The NCE supports MORES, the Dutch disclosure office for undesirable behaviour in the performing arts, television and film sectors.