The NCE is a society with active members, associate members and special / honorary members.
Different requirements apply for each type of membership.

Active Membership requires at least 60 months of experience as a lead film editor on distinguished long-form film and/or television productions (in segments or episodes of at least 35 minutes), and must be approved by the Board and accepted by the general membership. Active Members are identified on screen credits with ‘NCE’ following their names.
Associate Membership is open to film editors who don’t (yet) qualify for Active Membership, as well as to assistant editors, students, and other film professionals who are active in fields closely related to film editing (like postproduction supervisors, VXF artists, sound designers, etc.). An application for membership needs to be sponsored by at least two Active Members.
Special Membership can be granted by the Board and/or general membership. It also gives the Board the option to appoint Honorary Members.

All members are subject to the Honorary Code of the NCE.


New members have to be recommended by two Active Members and each membership application must be approved by the Board and accepted by the general membership. It is up to aspiring applicants to determine which type of NCE membership they are eligible for, prior to applying.
Read more about membership application and its terms and conditions.